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For more than 60 years we have grown with grit, persevering in both with and sometimes against Mother Nature to to produce the highest quality fruit that allows us to serve the greatest good.

That purpose stems from empowering our 200+ employees, who are not just beneficiaries of our programs, but actively participate in the company's ability to serve communities around The US. with the fruits of labor and the healthy fruits they cultivate.

This emphasis on service has consistently contributed to our company's growth and drives the tenacious efforts of every staff member to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We've gained a reputation as a recognized leader in the industry, growing, packing and shipping a wide variety of organic and conventional apples, cherries and pears with a nod to unique varieties and cause-minded promotions.

A percentage of profits generated each year are allocated by our employees to organizations we partner with both monetarily and through volunteer service.

That sense of community and focus on people has always been in our DNA. In 2012, we established our own housing development, named Vista Hermosa, to provide quality, affordable housing in a safe, nurturing community for our year-round and seasonal employees. This includes our own healthcare clinic,early childhood education center, community recreation facilities, and an employee run store and cafe.

We might not be a multi-generation family farm, but many of our team members have decades of experience in the industry and a goal to teach and nurture every new employee with opportunities to succeed. Our commitment to be better tomorrow than we are today is thanks to our basic principle good people grow great fruit. Today and everyday, our commitment to serving people, building community in the workplace, protecting the planet while giving back to those in need is a top priority fueled by our job of growing healthy fruits.

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The Rainier story begins in the late 1900s when the Zirkle family migrated west to Texas.


The deep, mineral-rich soils and plentiful mountain water provided an exceptional landscape for farming many agricultural products – most especially, apples.

John Franklin

The family and their dozen children worked the land to make a living, growing apples and hay as well as quarrying rock for local buildings.