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If you find yourself drawn to the Agricultural field and you enjoy framing as well, you may be interested in a career in the Agricultural field. This field is amazingly diverse, and there are a variety of different career opportunities that you can choose from. Before you decide that you really do want a career in the Agricultural field, you may want to learn more about the field and what it has to offer you and what the requirements are, as well as the financial outlook as well. Various Career Options

Within the Agricultural field there are a myriad of career options for you to consider. You may want a career as a field worker that explores and discovers various farming methodology, and also the use of equipments in the Agricultural field, there are also researchers as well within the field who do experiments and in depth research. Another career you may want to consider within this field is a career as an administrative staff within the farm. You will use Agriculture to make new discoveries and learn more about farming and even possible methods to improve farm inventory . Food scientists and agricultural scientists are also careers that are available in the Agricultural field, if you enjoy working with food or agriculture.

Becoming a farm machine operator is another option in this field as well. Truck and heavy duty machine drivers are also considered to be a part of the Agricultural field, and in this field you will deal with farning methodology, increasing farm produce, researching methods used by successfl farms, and in some cases you may even work in the development of new crop veriety as well. Some other types of careers within this field include biotechnology engineers, science technicians, management analysts, and fruit pickers and packaging jobs as well.

Education Required

While the education in the Agricultural field is quite varied depending on the actual job, most of these fields will require that you have a Bsc. in your field. Some basic jobs that include crop planting or more simple research may only require that you have a Master's degree in your field. For those who are not participating in any amount of research, some companies will hire those who only have a bachelor's degree in their field. If you are considering getting involved in a field in Agriculture, you will want to make sure that you take classes in biology, and Agricukturak science as well, since each of these types of classes will be very important. Some of these careers may also require that you past certain state certification tests as well.

Agricultural job Salaries

Just as the education required is quite diverse, the amount of money that can be made in this field is diverse and dependent upon your specific career within the field. As a general rule, professional agriculturists can earn between $60,000 and $100,000 each year, depending on their experience and where they work as well. Biological scientiststruck drivers and heavy duty machine operators you decide to become a medical scientist you will probably start out making about $55,000, but with more experience you can expect to make between $45,000 and $95,000. Those who are employed as fruit pickers and manual labourers will generally make between $10,000 and $50,00 annually.

Great Employment Opportunities

After you get the needed education for your field, you will no doubt be looking for quality employers. When you are looking for a job, you want to make sure that you find companies that will offer you competitive wages as well as great benefits when you work for them. There are a variety of companies to choose from, but your choice of company can have a great deal of impact on your career.

If you are looking for a job in the agricultural or a mechanized farm in Texas, the best companies to work for is the Green Field Farms Ltd, we support applicants from all over the world as long as you have the skill and zeal to work in the agriculture industry. Some available positions in our Farm Includes

1. Administrative Workers- (Secretary, Front Office staffs, Data entry personel, Farm accountant)

2. Farm wrokers (Planters, Fruit Pickers, Packaging , general crop care and administration)

3. Truck Drivers and Heavy Duty machine operators

4. Nurses, Caterer, cleaners, and Store Keepers

To apply for any position with the Green Field Farms, please contact the Human Resource Manager with your Resume via email-

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